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Nicole's story - Intern June 2016

"It's a very unique Yoga internship - I don’t know of any other program that was able to help me work with my challenges as an American yoga teacher in a Spanish speaking country."

 Image courtesy of Bhavin Misra

Image courtesy of Bhavin Misra

Nicole had spent 4 months teaching Yoga in both English and Spanish in Guatemala, finding difficulties with the language barrier and looking teaching experience in other parts of Latin America - that's when she found us!

She joined our studio as an intern in June 2016 and quickly found a home away from home.

"I was impressed by the diversity in the community at Flying Tree YogaMy fellow classmates came from various parts of the world and had a lot of experience in different aspects of yoga: ayurveda, organic farming, work trade experiences around the world and different lineages of yoga. I was also grateful to have the chance to connect and meet so many interesting yoga students, as well. The yoga community is very friendly in Medellin."

Nicole taught a range of different asana classes in English and Spanish, as well as delivering a wonderful Yoga with Art Therapy workshop. She particularly valued the feedback given from our senior teachers

"I enjoyed the supportive space and feedback that I was given by my fellow classmates and trainers Sierra and Andrew. When you are first starting out as a yoga teacher, you need a safe container to experiment and develop your own style as an educator. The feedback I was given was always from a place of kindness and patience." 

She particularly appreciated the Spanish Language course for Yoga Teachers:

"The program was valuable to me because of the language course. I have a huge amount of resources that I can now reference when I am planning to teach native Spanish speakers. Being able to gain the experience of being a bilingual yoga teacher in Guatemala is a very rare opportunity for me right now"

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