Stories from our interns

Jennifer Taginski, intern June - July 2017

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I absolutely loved this course. I was extremely lucky to have an amazing group to collaborate with. The full-time teachers were so kind and encouraging. It was a lot more work than I expected, especially learning and remembering the Spanish language. But rewarding and empowering, when I finally lead the beginning sequence in Spanish. It's fun to hear new music, lean new meditations and play around with poses I don't use a lot with people who love yoga. The sense of community and unity is so motivating at Flying Tree.

Ed York, intern June - July 2017

This course was exactly what I needed in order to gain more confidence as a new teacher. Having experienced teachers available to discuss yours ideas with and a feedback session with those same teachers and other interns allowed for a seamless loop between creation, execution, evaluation, repeat. And the group dynamic was the icing on the cake. Everyone was so supportive and encouraging of one another. Being in that environment allowed me to be comfortable both in the studio and outside exploring the beautiful city around us.

Brendaliz Fadul, intern November - December 2016


I received my certification in August of 2016, had no idea where I was headed to next. Leaving the teacher program left me a little lost and insecure about teaching as I felt I hadn't practiced enough teaching. I was trying to find something where I can grow into my own and this program did just that. Leaving this program i felt confident in myself as a teacher and as a student. I learned so much and I value this experience. Honestly, this program shaped me as an instructor and provided the space and support I craved. It allows you to explore in a safe space.

I gained a renewed view of what a yoga teacher is; I found my voice as an instructor and the confidence to be able to teach any level anywhere anytime.

Grateful for Yoga Internships for making me a fearless teacher!

Shatema Smith, intern November - December 2016


I definitely feel inspired by creative ideas and motivated to use them in various spaces and communities, including schools, community centers, and in my work as a therapist. I gained confidence in teaching meditation and providing a safe practice. I feel comfortable holding and carrying the energy of students and observing where tension is held in the body in various postures.

My experience at Flying Tree Yoga allowed me to develop confidence in my personal teaching style. With feedback from my peers and class mates, I grew into myself and developed a greater understanding of my own body awareness. I felt supported, validated, and inspired by other creative minds involved in health and wellness. Since leaving Medellin, I have never felt more in love with dancing Salsa and have a deeper connection to the history and culture of what it means to be Latina!


Martyna Tetera, intern November - December 2016

I had a very inspiring time during the yoga internships. Before I didn't have any experience in teaching in english and spanish. During the program I developed the skills and confidence that I can use now for my yoga classes in english. I also improved my spanish a lot, developed as a teacher and learned so much from the different culture and people. I met many friends, enjoyed the community living, amazing food and nightlife in Medellin. I saw how different yoga and yoga approach outside europe is, which opened me for new ideas and possibilities. The internship was very well organized. Andrew was very helpful, supportive and patient. I learned a lot from him and I am very grateful for this time

Monica Munguia, Intern October - November 2015

"I had a wonderful internship with Yoga Internships, Colombia. The accommodations were comfortable and spacious with more than everything I needed and I felt very at home.

The internship provided a safe space to continue to learn, practice, experiment, get feedback, and grow as a teacher. I loved that it was a collaborative community where everyone’s opinions were valued and that we were invited to share information. I really enjoyed that we could somewhat self-direct what we wanted to focus on so that everyone could fill in the gaps from their training as they needed. Andrew and Sierra are passionate and knowledgeable and everything that was presented was relevant and helpful. Furthermore, I very much welcomed sharing with teachers from different schools of yoga and all of the opportunities for additional learning (Thai massage, kombucha, henna, etc).

I greatly appreciated the Spanish for yoga course as I had not seen any similar courses offered. It was one of the primary reasons I did the program and I was not disappointed as I felt comfortable teaching in Spanish after completing the internship.

Overall, I had such a valuable experience. I have come away not only a more knowledgeable and aware teacher, but I have made many new friends within the teaching community with whom to continue to share and grow."

Anna Sedlar, Teacher in training Spring 2015

"I was fortunate to teach at Flying Tree Yoga Studio in the Spring of 2015 and I can’t imagine a better setting in which to have explored this new territory of teaching yoga as a newly-certified teacher. The teachers are incredibly supportive and open paths for new growth, both on the yoga mat and personally. I learned the practical skills of leading classes that you only get with practice – how to sequence, how to cue effectively, how to create space, how to speak from the heart and provide more than just a physical workout. Flying Tree was the perfect setting to grow into an effective and inspired yoga teacher. It was a perfectly blended setting between formal and casual, so I could try-on teaching styles and not feel pressured to be absolutely perfect. This program gave me the opportunity to make mistakes and that is absolutely essential to growth. Living at the studio was a dream. And Medellin life is quite idyllic – strolling through the palm-lined streets with the girls to our favorite café, being greeted with smiles by all the passing Colombians is something I hold dear. I am entirely grateful for my experience at the studio and whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone who wants a beautifully fulfilling experience that expands your capacity to inspire as a yoga teacher."

Lewina Cooper, teacher in training autumn 2015

"I took part in the Spanish Yoga Course and I would highly recommend it to anyone who intends on teaching yoga in Spanish. The teachers are friendly, dedicated and highly knowledgeable, which made me feel comfortable within myself to explore new concepts and take risks while teaching classes, with my newly learned Spanish vocabulary. The course is fun, practical and collaborative. Thanks guys!"