Location and Accommodation for our yoga internship program

Colombia, South America: natural beauty, diversity and friendliness

From tropical jungles teeming with life, which house 10 percent of the world's biodiversity, to snow-capped mountains, endless grassy plains, deserts, thriving metropolises and white sandy beaches - there's always something new to discover in Colombia.

Gone are the days when Colombia was a conflict-ridden no-go zone; people are enjoying the benefits of peace and stability, and the culture is undergoing a resurgence. The cities buzz with life, and have been named among the most impressive and creative hubs of the modern world, melting pots of Colombian, North American and European culture. You won't find a more friendly and honest people than the Colombians!


Located in a green valley of the Andes mountains, Medellín is blessed with the perfect climate and has been nicknamed 'the city of eternal spring'. It is one of the most impressive urban centres of Latin America, demonstrating how investment, good city planning and regular cultural events can transform people's lives. The international media is cottoning-on to its success, with articles appearing in the Guardian, Wired and the NY Times, among others.

"Medellín, Colombia, has kicked its old reputation: It is now a cultural hub where natural beauty, boutique hotels, high-minded designers, and the wildest food and nightlife in South America come together. Wander the city’s warren of verdant alleys and you’ll encounter arty locals sipping java at single-estate coffee shops and a crop of young designers in eco-chic showrooms. This year, a creative undercurrent is thrusting Medellín to the cutting edge of urban development." - From Vogue - check out the full article here.

Accommodation at Flying Tree Yoga Studio

Located in the leafy and quiet suburb of Laureles, our studio has its own beautiful accommodation in back, allowing you to practice and study from the comfort of your own home. The communal spaces include a well-equipped kitchen, a patio, the studio space itself and a large living room. There are plenty of supermarkets and inexpensive restaurants nearby, and the city's extensive public transport system will help you to get around. A shared bedroom and common bathroom is covered in the course fee; you can upgrade to private accommodation at an additional cost of $196. If you would like to extend your stay into the week before or after the course,

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