Cheryl's story - community and friendship in Medellín!

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Hi Cheryl - thanks so much for agreeing to be interviewed! Tell me, what drew you to the internship program at Flying Tree?

Hi Andrew! Well, I was interested to see if the internship would show me if Yoga was a career I wanted to follow. I wanted to know more about yoga since I had just come out of my teacher training. And of course curiosity about Colombia- that was a big draw for me - I wanted to know more about Medellín. Of course I wanted to learn some more Spanish - but that was more of a bonus for me. It was the experience - I am all for experiences! So I knew it would be fabulous before I got here!

Hopefully it lived up to your expectations!

Yes of course! So to summarise my intention, it was to see if i wanted to become a yoga teacher, what style I would prefer to teach and also to become part of the community.

Was the language course suitable for your level?

Yes, so I was a beginner, basic - I knew “hola” and “gracias”. The language program is catered to lots of different levels - it’s amazing what you learn in 2 weeks. And some of the interns were teaching public classes by the end of the course. I learned so much, but I now need to practice more! My goal wasn’t to teach in Spanish but from what I learned - that part of the course could not have been better! It was quite easy to pick up - many of the Spanish words are similar to the English words. Because of repeating the vocabulary so much and attending public asana classes in Spanish, I could understand a lot of what was being said. Even though my speaking level is still low, I can understand what’s happening in class; if I’m travelling around South America I can attend yoga classes in Spanish, which is great. The course was fun and really different. 

How did you feel about our native speaking teachers?

They are wonderful - lovely - and they are also friends. You get to know them - they are really chatty! 

What did you enjoy about Flying Tree?

First of all, it has a lovely vibe about it - it is very relaxed and welcoming. Of course it’s great to experience all the different teaching styles - but for me it was more about getting to know the local community because you see many of the same faces again and again. You will make lovely friendships with the other interns, you’ll take day trips to places like Guatapé, go paragliding - it’s fun and you get to see the country side. There’s so much more to this program than the yoga!

Anything you would like to add?

Yes - I had assumed that everyone who was there would be straight out of their teacher training, but everyone had very different levels of experience. When I arrived I saw that some were quite fluent in Spanish and were more experienced yoga teachers. But then I realised everyone was so different - they have different goals for the future, different styles of teaching - but it doesn’t matter! I would say to anyone taking this internship - you focus on your own journey and your own goals.