Teaching to travel

Teaching to travel can be a very rewarding way to put your yoga skills to use. There are all kinds of opportunities out there - from impromptu classes on the hostel roof or beach, to month long volunteer positions, classes by donation and paid work in hotels and studios. Here are some tips to get going:

  • Practice and others will practice with you! When people see you on your mat, more often than not they will be curious, bring out a towel and join.
  • Talk about your passion: travelers are often interested why we have decided to put aside 'normal' existence for a while and teach yoga. This is a great way to get them involved in what you are doing.
  • See if you can find a regular space in a hostel or hotel where you can give a class, maybe in exchange for a small fee paid to the owners. Put up publicity around the hostel and talk to other travelers about your class. It's often best to charge by voluntary donation. There are some amazing beach spots that are begging to be used for such classes! This is a great option for when you decide to stay long term in one place.
  • Ask around in each new place you visit. There are all kinds of people looking for a yoga teacher to offer their skills in their hotels or studios.
  • Look for work exchange programs. Many communities are looking for teachers to share their classes, and may offer you free or discounted accommodation in exchange. I was lucky to stay in a beautiful Hare Krishna community in Colombia in return for yoga asana classes.

Although it's unlikely to pay a lot, it can be a welcome source of extra income as you travel, and can really help you develop your skills as a teacher. Some of my fondest memories include my time teaching around Asia: morning yoga classes overlooking a turquoise bay on the Thai islands; the intense red of a sunrise against the volcano in Bali just before a meditation class; the sound of exotic birds as we lay in shavasana. 

If you are interested in developing your vision as a yoga teacher further, why not take a look at our internship program and further education classes.