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fAQ's - what people have been asking us

1. How many people will be attending the program?

To guarantee a high level of support for each intern, we plan to have no more than 6 people in any course. Please note that a minimum of two people are required for a course to go ahead.

2. How many opportunities will there be for me to teach?

Because of our co-teaching system, in which a class is shared between the interns and senior teachers, there will be an opportunity for you to practice most days. We host six asana classes a week across our two studios and in the park, giving you ample opportunities to develop your skills.

3. Do you have any past interns that I could touch base with to ask about their experience?

Please be sure to read our testimonials. Upon request, we can put you in touch with a previous intern.

4. How have most people funded their trips? I have money saved, but I was curious to know about how much people typically spend in a month just so that I can be prepared financially.

Coming with some money saved is highly recommended. If you have any other marketable skills (massage, ayurveda, reiki, etc.) we can help you promote your offerings, provide space for you and promote workshops & private sessions (we ask for 30% of your profit if you use our space).

5. I would like to tutor English. Is that a possibility?

Neighbors have been tutored by previous interns. They pay 50mil/90min (15-20usd per class).

6. What is the cost of living?

Food can be cheap if you cook for yourself often. $300 is enough to eat simply; a little bit more if you want to go out frequently. There is an extensive public transport system in Medellin, making getting around easy. Trips out of the city on buses are affordable: hostels and couch surfing are good options. 24mil/night is average (7-10usd).

7. What is the housing situation? How big are the rooms?

Included in the price of the program is a shared room; privates are available at an additional cost of $196. Rooms are pretty big. There are shared bathrooms, access to a fully equipped kitchen, laundry, and communal space.

8. I would like to stay before / after the course - is that possible?

Accommodation can be arranged for both in the week before the course begins and in the week after it finishes. Please contact us for more information.