Rights and Responsibilities of interns at Flying tree yoga

Rights of interns:

  • To participate in the internship program for a duration of 28 days.

  • To use the program for personal growth, teaching practice, exploration of your own Yoga path, group and individual learning.

  • To stay in shared accommodation in the studio, or close to the studio in case of unforeseen circumstances, for 28 nights. This period begins on the first Saturday and ends on the final Friday of the program. To have access to a common bathroom and shower throughout.

  • To use the yoga space for personal practice outside of class times, making sure to check that it is free and not being used for private classes or massage.

  • To use the facilities of the house, including the kitchen, patio and laundry, living room and bathrooms.

  • To have a safe space to guard small valuable items.

  • To leave luggage while travelling.

  • To teach up to 2 classes weekly, in English or Spanish. The workload of the language course and other workshops tends to be quite heavy, and we have typically found that this is the ideal amount to teach without feeling overburdened. Depending on availability you may be able to teach more than 2 classes weekly once you have settled in.

  • To be supervised by a member of the permanent teaching team during the class.

  • To meet with a member of the teaching team before the class to talk about planning, and to receive constructive feedback after the class, if desired. Feedback is intended to be positive and assist with your personal teaching journey; it is of course optional if you would prefer not to receive it.

  • To participate in the Spanish language course for Yoga teachers in weeks 1 and 2, and to teach the public in Spanish throughout the course, if desired.

  • To attend the workshops in weeks 3 and 4.

  • To request private meetings with a member of staff, subject to their availability. These meetings can cover feedback, class planning, help with assignments or any other topic of conversation deemed useful.

  • To attend all public asana classes in the studio free of additional charge.

  • To receive 2 hours of mentoring free of additional charge.

  • To take the weekends for travelling away from the studio (mid-day Friday to midnight Sunday), or to stay and teach in the studio over the weekend.

  • To receive information from members of the team about the local area.

  • To make complaints, express concerns and share thoughts with members of staff, both verbally and in written form.

  • To apply for a refund according to the refund policy outlined below.

  • To receive clear, concise and accurate information about the program, its contents and duration.

  • To receive clear, concise and accurate information about the organisation on request, including the tax number (NIT), address, telephone, email and other contact details.

  • To receive a receipt on request for the price of the program, including any tax paid.

  • To receive a written reference on request, detailing the time the intern has spent at Flying Tree Yoga.

  • To be informed in a timely manner of any changes made to the program both before it begins and as it takes place.

  • To be protected from health and safety risks, and receive medical attention in the studio in the case of emergency.

Responsibilities of interns:

  • To read and understand the refund policy, outlined below.

  • To inform members of the Flying Tree staff in advance of any medical condition or allergy that can be affected during the course.

  • To recognise that it is recommended to undertake a medical examination before attending the course.

  • To keep in mind the recommendations of medical professionals about the ability to undertake the practices of the program.

  • To take out health insurance before travelling - this is absolutely obligatory. Although we have some medical cover in the studio, plus an ambulance service for transfer to the hospital, this does not cover any treatment in hospitals themselves. It is your responsibility to make sure that you are protected for that eventuality. Flying Tree Yoga, Andrew Singer and the team cannot be held responsible for any medical costs incurred.

  • To inform the Flying Tree team of arrival details in a timely manner so that arrangements can be made for welcoming you to the studio.

  • To attend all classes and workshops, except in the case of illness, and to share your knowledge in a constructive and kind manner, and give feedback to the other interns.

  • To complete the language course and receive a certificate you must attend all 8 language classes, teach a short sequence in Spanish, and have attended at least 5 asana practices in Spanish at our studio.

  • To understand that class sizes can vary greatly, according to weather, holidays, public events etc. Sometimes you will be teaching only the other interns, and at other times much larger groups of expats and Colombians

  • To help keep the house a peaceful, clean and spiritual space, to refrain from the consumption of drugs and alcohol and abstain from sexual activity on the premises. To avoid damaging the property and to inform the management immediately about any issues with the accommodation, communal spaces or Yoga area.

  • To take responsibility for your own safety outside the studio, and follow the advice of the Flying Tree team. The area is generally very safe, but it is useful to follow common-sense practices.

  • To take care of yourself during the course, resting properly each night and leaving the house from time to time to refresh yourself and get a change of scene.

  • To help achieve the goals of the sustainability policy. As an organisation committed to Yoga we aim to reduce our negative impact on the local environment, and have a positive effect on the local communities.

About Yoga Internships and Flying Tree Yoga

Yoga Internships, Colombia is a project run by Flying Tree Yoga SAS, tax number (NIT) 901 293 664 - 5, based in Medellín, Colombia. Flying Tree Yoga is located on the transversal 39a #71-85, Medellín and registered with the Medellín Chamber of Commerce, number 21-649772-12. Certificates available on request. Andrew Singer is the legal representative of the organisation and responsible for taking decisions about participation, pricing and refunds.

Refund policy

If, for unforeseen circumstances, Andrew Singer is obliged to cancel the course before it begins, he will refund any money paid towards the course.

If, for unforeseen circumstances, Andrew Singer is obliged to cancel part or the whole of the course while it is underway, a partial refund will be considered. Effort will be made to achieve as much as possible of what remains of the program. In the case of not being able to use the studio accommodation, alternative shared accommodation will be sought nearby. A partial refund may be issued in agreement between Andrew Singer and the intern, depending on the following:

  • $8 for each night of cancelled shared accommodation (up to a maximum of $224)

  • $16 for each night of cancelled private accommodation (up to a maximum of $448)

  • $10 per day for cancelled teaching practice (up to a maximum of $260)

  • $16 per day for cancelled language course or workshops (up to a maximum of $256)

The course deposit is non-refundable

In case the applicant decides to cancel his/her registration at any time before the commencement of the course then Andrew Singer will refund the remaining course fee as follows:

  • up to 30 days before the course starting date: 100% will be refunded

  • up to 14 days before the course starting date: 40% will be refunded

  • less than 14 days to the course starting date: NO refund

Please note this only applies to the remaining course fee (up to $699) and NOT to the course deposit.

The amount paid as deposit is transferable to another person at any time; however, Andrew Singer reserves the right to refuse admission in case he finds the person is not fit to attend the course.

Refunds will NOT be conceded in any circumstances after the commencement of the course, unless Andrew Singer is obliged to make a partial cancellation.

If the student has to leave the course for any personal reason, he/she will NOT be entitled to any refund; however he/she may be allowed to continue in a future course if vacancy is available and if written authorisation is given by Andrew Singer, based on his discretion. This is to be understood as a concession to the student and can be denied without assigning any reasons whatsoever.

Andrew Singer reserves the right to expel any student from the course at any time on grounds of misconduct and improper behaviour of any kind, such as not following the time-table, creating disturbances to other students, destructive behaviour in the house, disrespecting the teachers, or not following the prescribed rules and regulations for the course. This applies to any time during the month that you spend with us. The student will NOT be entitled to any refund in this case.

In the case that Andrew Singer finds, for whatever reason, you are unfit to attend the course, we reserve the right to deny you enrolment. In this case any amount paid by the applicant as booking/registration fee will be refunded in full.