200-hour YTT Yoga teacher Training in Medellín, Colombia

Become a qualified yoga teacher in Medellín, Colombia with our 200 hour Yoga teacher training!

Coming soon to Flying Tree Yoga we will be offering a month-long 200-hour certification course, registered with the Yoga Alliance, to give you the opportunity to become a Yoga teacher. 

We will be offering a fun, dynamic and creative course, with an emphasis on empowering you to plan and deliver your own classes to the public. We teach an alignment based Hatha Yoga that is suitable both for active flows and for more restorative or relaxing classes. From week one we place an emphasis on practical experience - that means getting out there and trying out your teaching skills! You will be closely supported in small groups and carefully guided through your month's journey.

The course is designed to give you a thorough introduction to the traditional basis of yoga - its philosophy and rich history, while preparing you to be a teacher in the modern world.  

The Syllabus

Techniques, training and practice: 100 hours, including:

  • Asana - an introduction to the physical postures, alignment, benefits and contraindications
  • Pranayama - breathing techniques to control our vital energy
  • Meditation - a thorough introduction to mindfulness meditation techniques
  • Kriya - cleansing techniques for the body

Teaching methodology: 35 hours, including:

  • Sequencing - how to build quality sequences for both active flow classes and relaxing classes
  • Qualities of a good teacher
  • Addressing the needs of individual students 
  • Professional skills: marketing / business and legal

Yoga philosophy, lifestyle and ethics: 30 hours, including:

  • An introduction to the 8 limbs of yoga and Patanjali's Yoga Sutras
  • The Yamas and Niyamas
  • Ethical considerations for yoga teachers
  • An introduction to Ayurveda, the traditional Indian system of holistic medicine

Anatomy and Physiology: 20 hours, including:

  • Applied anatomy and physiology of the human body for yoga practice
  • The energetic body: an introduction to chakras 

Practicum: 15 hours, including:

  • Teaching practice as the lead teacher
  • Observation, evaluation, discussion and feedback
  • Assisting while someone else is teaching

Internships program

If you would like to gain practical experience teaching in a studio setting, you can always combine the course with our internship program! Our teacher training will always be followed by an internships program, allowing you to get practical experience teaching in a studio setting, supported by our senior teaching team!

Dates and Pricing

Course 1: March 2nd - 29th

Course 2: June 29th - July 26th

The price (to be confirmed) is likely to be $1,800 USD.

This price will include your accommodation in rooms shared with one other person of the same gender and tuition. Food is not included, but you will find that it is very cheap here in Colombia and the studio has a fully equipped kitchen. As part of the course we will be preparing together all kinds of tasty ayurvedic meals for lunch!

Price including the month's internship program (to be confirmed - 2 months study total): $2,400 USD

Please write us for more information!